Segmenter et cibler ses clients : de quoi il s’agit ?

Segment and target its customers , a very important marketing strategy for a company’s success in building customer loyalty. But how do you go about segmenting and targeting the right customers? Here is the answer through this guide.

What is segmentation and targeting?

The segmentation is the act of dividing the market into groups or subsets that share common characteristics in terms of needs and expectations with respect to the product you have.

Once these segments are defined, it is then useful to invest in this category as a priority or in other words target them. Read on on this page to learn more about segmenting and targeting customers.

Segment and target customers

Customer segmentation and targeting criteria

Segmenting its customers means dividing them into several groups with the same criteria or points in common, there are different segmentation criteria, in particular:

  • Geographical criteria: this method consists of segmenting its customers according to the same place of residence and in particular climatic conditions;
  • demographic criteria: for this method, several criteria will be taken into account, in particular: age, level of education, nationality, profession, family situation;
  • psycho-graphic criteria: this is based on the  PayPal to Bitcoin exchangers  clients’ lifestyle, their personality, their interests, opinions and beliefs. This method generally requires surveys and questionnaires;
  • behavioral criteria: this is based on the behavior of online customers: time spent on the site, source of traffic, or offline: history of purchases and the number of visits.

Customer segmentation and targeting methods

Two main methods will allow you to segment and target the clientele that best meets the needs of your business and which are:

The a priori method

The a priori method , this method consists in manually dividing your audience into common subsets according to the criteria mentioned above.

The a posteriori method

The a posteriori method , via this method, you will observe the similarities presented by visitors and group them together on this point. These similarities are not based on fixed criteria like those mentioned above, in particular age, geolocation and common interests, but are essentially based on a set of data to be gathered between visitor data, purchasing behavior, responses to questionnaires, etc.

The steps to follow to segment and target your clientele

To segment your audience and target the right clientele, you must adopt a few actions which we will share with you in the following:

  • Make sure you personalize your advertising and communication to attract the right customers;
  • also personalize the content of your site according to the targeted category;
  • personalize or facilitate the PayPal to Bitcoin exchangers navigation  of your site;
  • consider personalizing the emails you send to your customers after they leave;
  • offer promotions such as coupons and promo codes, to build customer loyalty;
  • create products that will meet the needs of your customers;
  • adapt your prices according to your target category.